Pastry School in Malaysia

Pastry Institute of St Honore founded by Frederic Oger. Private French education which focuses only in Pastry & Baking.

Taught & guided by Michelin Star & Award Winning Chef.

Words From the Founder

At Pastry Institute of St Honore, our mission is to equip our students with the most essential knowledge and hands-on approach. Our programs are based on French apprenticeship methodology focusing on cause and effect, reaction of different ingredients, a bit like laboratory work. We will play with different flavors, ingredients and ultimately the techniques on how to dress up the products

Pastry school in Malaysia, taught by master baker Chef Christophe Gros

Chef Christophe Gros
Master Baker

Pastry school in Malaysia, taught by French Chef Frederic Oger

Chef Frederic Oger
Master Pastry Chef

Pastry school in Malaysia, taught by master sommelier Edouard Oger

Edouard Oger
Master Sommelier

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