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Open Day Baking Tips – Chef Frederic Oger

Another Open day and another year’s start, I would like to thank everyone who came and made this Open day so lively. We certainly had a great day opening our doors to so many pastry and dessert enthusiasts who took many photos of the cakes made by our own students!
We hope you had found the Opera cake and soufflé demos interesting and received few baking tips. If you have any questions on the soufflé or the Opera, let me know here.
We would like to share few more baking tips on opera and soufflé making for our students and enthusiasts who couldn’t make it.

Guests at the Pastry buffet

Souffle Tips

Image of Master Pastry Chef during Souffle Demo
  • Choose base flavors that are very strong from acidic to bitter; flavors can be combined.
  • Ensure that the soufflé mix and the egg white are at room temperature.
  • Meringue should be soft peak texture
  • The mix should be baked in the oven in 5 minutes.

Opera Tips

  • The height shouldn’t exceed 4cm.
  • The butter cream should carry a strong coffee flavor.
  • The sugar level can be controlled using a strong coffee from zero to as much as you like.
  • When assembling the cake, ensure the butter cream is soft but not melted (easier to apply)
Image of Chef Fred assembling the Opera cake

The St Honoré team enjoyed meeting more pastry enthusiasts on this Open Day, where we can share our experience to guide the next generation to start their dream careers in this industry.
We look forward to guide you to reach your dreams & goals, from learning new techniques, opening own businesses to landing dream jobs.
Once again, on behalf of the team, I would like to thank everyone for coming to our Open Day. And thank you to our students for participating and made it eventful!
Check out more photos here: Open Day Album
Frederic Oger
Managing Director