Crème brûlée Recipe

  • Ingredients

    • Cream 150g
    • Milk 25g
    • Egg Yolks 2 nos
    • Sugar 15g
    • Vanilla Pod 1/2 nos or Vanilla Essence 1/2 teaspoon
    • Total 230g
    • Outcome 2 nos

1.  Get all the tools and ingredients ready. Set your oven at 100°C.
Having all the things you need ready is very important to ensure smooth and organized workflow. It also helps you to notice if you’re missing out anything.
As it takes time for the oven to heat up, you may set your oven before starting.
Now, make sure your workspace is all set and let’s get started!

2.  Bring cream, milk and vanilla to a boil. At the same time, whisk together egg yolks and sugar until creamy
While waiting for the milk mixture to boil, we can start whisking the egg yolks.
NOTE: Be careful not to burn the milk!
Mix the egg yolks and sugar in a bowl and whisk it until it turn pale.

Compare the egg mixture before and after mix. When you whisk, you are actually adding air into it. So, as you whisk, you should be able to see the egg mixture gets lighter and fluffy. At the same time, you are also crushing the sugar thus, turning it pale.

3.  Temper the egg mixture with the milk while whisking continuously
By now, your milk should be boiling. Pour half of the boiled milk into the egg mixture and whisk continuously.  Then, add the remaining boiled milk and continue to whisk until well mixed.

4.  Strain into a jug and pour into a ceramic bowl


Get a small jug like this and then pour it through a strainer into the ceramic bowls.


When pouring the mixture into the jug, pour it leaning towards

the side of the jug to avoid creating more bubbles.

If there’s still some tiny bubbles,

you can just skim it out with a spoon.


Fill up the ceramic bowl with the mixture.


5.  Bake at 100°C for 50 mins


Now, your crème brulee is ready to bake!


CHEF’S TIP: Place a tray of water underneath the crème brulee

to ensure the temperature is maintained at 100°C at all time.


6.  Check if your crème brulee is ready


Shake it gently to see if the mixture is still shaking.

If its not shaking, its ready!


Be careful! As it will be very hot at this stage.


Now, leave the crème brulee aside to cool down.

7.  Spread caster sugar on it and then caramelize.
When its cooled, cover the surface of the creme brulee with sugar to caramelize.
You may mix the caster sugar with brown sugar for added flavor and to lessen the sweetness.
CHEF’S TIP: To ensure the surface is properly covered, pour generous amount of sugar on it, spread it around then, pour the excess sugar.

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