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Made to Order

Sweet treats that meet your needs


Below is our range of pastry items. All items are made of the freshest ingredients and freshly baked to ensure maximum shelf life.

Should you have a different preference in terms of size, portion or specific dietary requirements, do let us know and we will endeavour to meet your needs!

Classic Opera RM 68 (500g)

Classic coffee and chocolate layered cake with almond sponge soaked with organic black coffee.

Petit Nutty RM 64 (500g)

Hazelnut crunchy base with flourless chocolate sponge, dark chocolate ganache and milk chocolate mousse.

Tiramisu (No alcohol) RM 68 (500g)

Classic coffee and mascarpone layered cake with organic black coffee and light mascarpone mousse.

Exo Exo RM 62 (500g)

Coconut and passion fruit layers on a vanilla sable, topped with a mix of lychee and mango.

Choco Magnum RM 56 (500g)

Chewy chocolate brownie with 70% dark chocolate ganache and chocolate ganache, finished with chocolate magnum coating.

Velvet Berry RM 68 (500g)

Fromage blanc mousse with light red velvet sponge and mixed berries jelly.

Choux Choco (minimum order of 21 pcs)

  • Passion fruit meringue RM2 per piece
  • Coffee cookie RM2 per piece
  • Vanilla pecan RM2 per piece
  • Pure chocolate RM2 per piece

Designer Cake: (Min. order 1kg) Price to be determined based on design of cake

High quality cakes catered to your specific requirements – from your own choice of colours, flavour combinations, decoration, shapes and sizes. We can cater to the theme of your event whether it’s vintage or modern, for a baby shower, birthday, wedding or any other type of celebration.

  • Flavour options for the cake
    i. Chocolate sponge with caramel ganache
    ii. Lemon sponge with berry jam and vanilla cream
    iii. Orange sponge with orange chocolate ganache

Snickers Opera RM 65 (500g)

Layers of caramel sponge, caramel ganache and peanut cream, covered with a salted caramel glaze.

Mon Cherry RM 63 (500g)

Layers of green tea sponge and light cherry mousse, topped with cherry confit and cherry jelly.

Sesa Choco RM 66 (500g)

Sable base layered with soft chocolate sponge, black sesame mousse, and black sesame milk chocolate ganache.

Mango Cheesecake RM 71 (500g)

Citrus cream cheese with a cookie base and topped with mango.


RM 3 per pc of Small (4cm) | Min. order of 20 pcs per flavour
RM 6 per pc of Large (8cm) | Min. order of 4 pcs per flavour

  • Lemon meringue
  • Chocolate
  • Apple
  • Pear
  • Fresh fruits
  • Blueberry cream cheese

Quiche & Pie (unbaked OR baked)

RM 2 per pc of Small (4cm) | Min. order of 12 pcs per flavour
RM 8 per pc of Large (10cm) | Min. order of 4 pcs per flavour

  • Salmon, feta & chive quiche
  • Moussaka pie
  • Buttery curry leaf chicken pie
  • Seafood pie
  • Rendang chicken pie

Croissant RM 2.50 per pc (30g)

Pre-proofed and frozen or baked.

*Min. order 15 pcs

Pain au chocolat RM 2.70 per pc (30g)

Pre-proofed and frozen or baked.

*Min. order 15 pcs

Nangka tropezienne RM 66 (20cm)


We will contact you once we receive your order and provide the payment method as well.

Order & Delivery Information

Orders to be made at least three (3) days in advance. For designer cakes and catering, order confirmation to be made at least two (2) weeks in advance.

Orders to be picked up from the Pastry Institute of St Honoré. For purchases above RM 600, free delivery to Klang Valley area.