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Our mission is to equip you with the most essential knowledge and hands-on approach. Our programs are based on french apprenticeship methodology focusing on cause and effect, reaction of different ingredients, a bit like laboratory work. You will play with different flavours, ingredients and ultimately the techniques on how to dress up your products.

At Pastry St Honoré, our courses are fully customizable! You can choose the desired course (i.e. baking, french patisserie or confectionery) and select the level of proficiency (basic, intermediate and advanced). Each course has 4 amazing topics and it only takes a month to complete.

  • In School

    6 + 12

    6 months of studies in the school, gaining theoretical & technical skills.

    13 months working experience in established companies, honing and practicing knowledge & skills gained.

  • In School


    Students will receive guidance and mentorship from the school and mentors from the company.

  • In School


    Learn and receive earnings by working under professionals in an established company.

Our programs are made of 36 topics divided into three (3) main categories i.e. The Art of Baking, The Art of French Patisserie and the Art of Confectionery. Each category has 12 topics further divisioned by level of proficiency – basic, intermediate and advanced.

  • Basic

  • Intermediate

  • Advanced

Earn a certificate of attendance. Select a level of proficiency e.g. Basic level. This program covers all basic courses under all three main categories. That’s a total of 12 topics and you will need to be committed for 3 months.

Earn a diploma when you sign-up for the Basic and Intermediate programs of six (6) months.

Earn an advanced diploma when you sign-up for the whole 9 months program.

Full Time Course Structure

Start pursuing your passion from RM 3,700++ per month

  • Art of Baking
  • RM3700++monthly
    • Basic Theory
    • Bakery Introduction
    • Breakfast Pastries
    • Tarts and Pies
    • Intermediate Theory
    • European Breads
    • Semi-gastro Breakfast Pastries
    • Modern Tarts
    • Advanced Theory
    • Continental and Levain Breads
    • Petit Four
    • Savory Canapes

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  • Art of French Patisserie
  • RM3700++monthly
    • Basic Theory
    • Classic French Gateaux
    • Traditional Plated Desserts
    • Meringue Techniques
    • Intermediate Theory
    • Classic French Entremets
    • Semi-gastro Plated Desserts
    • Modern Cakes
    • Advanced Theory
    • Ice Creams and Sorbets
    • Advanced Plated Desserts
    • Advanced Modern Cakes

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  • Art of Confectionery
  • RM3700++monthly
    • Basic Entremets
    • Cookies and Bars
    • Chocolate Introduction
    • Traditional Wedding Cakes
    • Avant Garde Wedding Cakes
    • Designer Cookies and Dry Cakes
    • Chocolate Praline
    • Chocolate & Sugar Art Intro
    • Designer Cakes
    • Chocolate Display
    • Sugar Art
    • Candy and Confectionery

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What Our Students Have To Say!

“Taking up a course in pastry was certainly not part of the plan in my life. It was only when I began to appreciate the artistic and practical values behind pastry arts that led me to pursue a career in Pastry. I realized that the Full time course at Pastry Institute of St Honore would be able to offer both knowledge and training in order to widen my perspective on what French pastry is all about. For anyone who is willing to challenge themselves or satisfy their curiosity over all things pastry, I would definitely introduce them to the institute and all the staffs, who are friendly yet committed in whatever they do. - Jyun

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