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Vanilla 101

Vanilla beans are derived from orchids of the genus Vanilla. The plants are hand-pollinated and can take up to three years to flower. Originating from Mexico, vanilla is now mainly produced in Madagascar and Indonesia, followed by Mexico and Papua New Guinea. Following that, here

Breads from Around the World

We all love a good slice of bread with our meals, for breakfast, as an appetizer, or simply as a snack. But with so many bread varieties out there, where should you start? Read on for a little world tour of breads from around the

Tips & Tricks – Apples

By Chef Frederic Beillard As a teacher, I would ensure that the student understands the purpose of each variety of apples and its usage according to the flavour of the apples. As a pastry chef, it is really important to pair the right variety of apples when I create a dessert or