Take Eat Easy Modern Bakery Cafe @ Bandar Menjalara, Kepong by Vkeong

Take Eat Easy is the latest cafe to open in Kepong at Bandar Menjalara located just opposite Tesco. Judging by the number of customers, it’s safe to say they are extremely popular currently. Besides being a cafe, it also doubles up as a bakery so you can also buy breads and cakes to bring home.






You might disagree with me on this but one of the things I like about them is that they don’t have a hippy environment. As far as I know, Take Eat Easy is the most gorgeous looking bakery cum cafe in Kepong and can even rival those in down town KL.



Take Eat Easy Interior


I actually came to know about Take Eat Easy through their advertising banners along the road I always use to travel back and forth to my office. It’s literally only minutes from my house. So I guess those banners you see on the roads are effective, heh.

The space they are occupying used to be Wisma Fiamma’s kitchen showroom, which is now transformed into a classy, modern and lush bakery cafe and after a tasteful renovation.




Since they are not a full-fledged restaurant, their menu features mostly all-day breakfast, pizza, salad, sandwich, waffle and desserts. The Mighty Breakfast @ RM26.80 comes with either turkey or beef ham, some breads, a large sausage, omelette, baked beans, sautéed mushrooms and salad. The portion is generous and it’s definitely large enough to be shared between two.




Smoked Salmon Salad @ RM16.50 is served with a good amount of adequately sliced salmon on a bed of fresh and crunchy salad. Olives, hard boiled eggs and capers unite with a zesty dressing to punch up the flavour. The presentation is meticulous, colourful and pleasing to your eyes and makes you want to dig in.



The juices served at Take Eat Easy are freshly squeezed upon order and are given a novel and playful twist – they are served in light bulbs! It might seem gimmicky but the juices actually taste great, pure and fresh because it’s placed in an icy water bath to keep it cold.

That said, these light bulbs have been properly sterilized (I asked) and you are free to bring them home if you wish. Shown above are A.B.C.D (Apple, Banana, Carrot, Dragon Fruit) @ RM11.50 and Fat Killer @ RM10.50.




We wanted to try the waffle but we were told that it’s not ready yet (it was around 10am) so bear that in mind. Besides the desserts offered in the menu, you could also order the cakes from the display cabinet.




I think they are worth a try considering the pastry chef here is Master Pastry Chef Frederick Oger from France who was also the Head Pastry Chef with Michael Caines restaurant in UK.

Currently, he’s also the managing director of Pastry Institute of St Honoré, a premier institution of French pastry arts education located at Taman Tun. I was fortunate enough to bump into him and managed to take a photo of him with his beautiful creations.



We tried a slice of his Black Forest @ RM8.50 and Moist Chocolate Cake @ RM9 – both were equally good and marked a sweet end to a pleasant brunch. Coffee is also available, all reasonably priced with some interesting choices such as Tiramisu Cafe Latte.




From what I read in the various reviews online, many have complained about the service rendered. But based on our visit, I felt the service was good and friendly although there was a slight wait, which is understandable due to the influx of customers. My advice is to make up your mind and just order at one go to reduce any possible mix up in orders.


Menu and Bill


Lastly, if you’re wondering how much did we pay for this brunch, it’s RM99.25 and no GST was charged. Take Eat Easy is a pork-free establishment and all ingredients and products used in their baking and cooking are sourced from halal certified suppliers. To reach here, just follow the road leading to Wisma Fiamma or Tesco’s basement parking and you will see a large signboard with their name on it.