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The Art of Baking

One of Humanity's Oldest Food


Always wondered how to recreate those even layers of a croissant? What’s the difference between 18 layers and 36 layers? Or what’s the different usage of levain, bigga, fermented dough, gluten free bread or aerated bread?

The Art of Baking covers all what you need to understand from theory to practical methods of various baking and lamination techniques. The hands-on experience will allow students to focus on all aspects of creating variety of breads, breakfast pastries, dry cakes, tarts and pies.

  • Basic

    • Theory
    • Bakery Introduction
    • Breakfast Pastries
    • Tarts and Pies

  • Intermediate

    • Theory
    • European Breads
    • Semi-gastro Breakfast Pastries
    • Modern Tarts

  • Advanced

    • Theory
    • Continental and Levain Breads
    • Petit Four
    • Savory Canapes

Basic Level

This 4-week full time course is customised to meet the needs of a beginner. Whether you have never ever made a dough before or have some experience practicing at home, this is the level to learn the right techniques and texture of the products. We will cover…


Theory on basic health and safety, and types of baking tools and ingredients

Classic dinner rolls focusing on various texture of breads, shelf life and breads for different occasions

Classic breakfast pastries which will include classic French viennoiserie (e.g. croissant, pain au chocolat), brioche, English muffins and other variety of doughnuts

Tarts and pies, covering traditional tarts and usage of sweet dough and sable dough, and various specialties in different countries.

Intermediate Level

You know the texture of various doughs and basic baking skills. You want to know how to control the development of bread, understand how humidity affects the bread and start discovering the different usage between bigga and yeast. This 4-week full time course is customised to meet the needs of an amateur baker to junior professional focusing on development and combination of flavors. It covers…


Further understanding on raw products and its origin, study on the affects of ingredients on final products

European breads from various specialties of French to Italian bread. You will discover the usage of bigga, gluten free bread and various texture and aerated bread

Intermediate level breakfast pastry, such as different composition of danish with various fillings and usage of brioche vendeenne in creating further products, larger puff pastry items and classic breakfast pastries

Modern tarts, focusing on the use of different doughs such as puff pastry and cheesecake base incorporating layering in the process.

Advanced Level

This full-time 4-week advanced course is customised to suit intermediate-level students, bakers to professional chefs, focusing on more advanced flavours, preparation of different paste and sauces, and more advanced baking techniques in shaping and mixing. The course also includes the development of fine products from sweet to savoury. You will learn…


Different types of fermentation, developing levain, fermented dough and other types of fermented dough

Regionaux breads such as German specialty breads, to festive breads

Petit four i.e. small French pastries such as tartlets, choux, small cakes and macarons

Savory pastries from classic dishes such as quiche to sandwich, pizza and other classic dishes.

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