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The Art of Confectionery

The Marking of a Celebration or Event


Confectionery in general consists of anything sweet. Here in Pastry Institute of St Honoré, we focus on two key aspects of confectionery i.e. artistic pastry such as sugar art, chocolate display and wedding cakes; and the traditional confectioneries such as chocolate, cookies and candies.

In this category, you will be pushed in two different directions: simplicity vs artistry. Simple to the palate and abstract to the eyes. Adaptability and creativity will be key here as one day you will be producing sweet macarons and the other, delicate flowers using the pull sugar technique.

  • Basic

    • Basic Entremets
    • Cookies and Bars
    • Chocolate Introduction
    • Traditional Wedding Cakes

  • Intermediate

    • Avant Garde Wedding Cakes
    • Designer Cookies and Dry Cakes
    • Chocolate Praline
    • Chocolate and Sugar Art Introduction

  • Advanced

    • Designer Cakes
    • Chocolate Display
    • Sugar Art
    • Candy and Confectionery

I. Basic Level

Why buy from shops when you can make your own? From shortbread, scones, madeleine, truffles to well-loved cheesecakes, carrot cake and swiss rolls, these simple pleasures will be at your finger tips at the end of the course. You will also start learning the basic techniques of chocolate decoration as well as wedding cake techniques: key skills required in building a chocolate display and designing a wedding cake.

Customised for beginners, homemakers and budding enthusiasts, this 4-week full time course will cover…


Theory on confectionery, recipes and artistic components and discipline

Basic entremets from traditional English to American specialties such as cheesecake, swiss rolls and carrot cake

Cookies galour from french classics financier and madeleine to the most popular cookies in various textures

Introduction to chocolate techniques such as tempering, dipping, moulding, filling to chocolate decoration

Introduction to wedding cake development techniques such as styrofoam, flower work, airbrush and piping.

II. Intermediate Level

There is always a celebration whether it’s a wedding, festive event or a party. This is where designer cookies, chocolates, wedding cakes, chocolate displays or sugar art will be on show either to be eaten or to be appreciated. At this level, you will be introduced to the artistic aspect of wedding cakes, chocolate displays and sugar art; understanding the fundamentals of a masterpiece. You will also learn the makings of praline: coloration, decoration, flavours, emulsification, layering and consistency. This 4-week full time course is customised for junior pastry chefs and passionate students focusing on chocolate work and artistic techniques. Topics include:


Designer cookies and dry cakes. Discover techniques on designing cookies, cake pops, dry cakes and macarons

Praline and chocolate work covering various fillings from soft filing to layered ganache; and process of homemade praline

Handling of real wedding cake e.g. from baking to sponge, trimming to fondant work, and handling of french buttercream frosting

Work flow of chocolate displays and creative techniques on chocolate modeling figurine to understanding the usage of various techniques such as casting, moulding and Robot coupe.

III. Advanced Level

As beautiful as Vera Wang’s wedding dresses, you will be carving your own version of designer cakes, chocolate displays and sugar scupltures focusing on work flow, clean lines, consistency and colouration. You will also gain deeper knowledge on the confection of candies where cooking and timing are of essence, taking into account the complexity of the movement and control. This advanced course is crafted for professional pastry chefs and mature students covering 4 weeks of full-time study on:


Designer wedding cakes: carving of the cake using trimming,modeling and pastillage elements

Higher difficulty of chocolate displays with strong emphasis on work flow

Complex techniques of sugar art such as developing flowers, ruban, casting, pulling, blowing, pastillage and air brushing

Introduction to the world of candy making including sweets and spread such as nougat to marshmallow, fudge and various types of spread.

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