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The Art of French Patisserie

From the Royal Courts to Everyday Delight


The French perfected the craft of dessert making during the 17th and 18th centuries and continues to do so in this day of age. From know- how and trade secrets of grandmothers to Master Pastry Chefs creating haute cuisine on plated desserts, The Art of French Pattiserie covers all you need to know on classic and modern french pastries.

Students will obtain fundamental understanding on theory and hands-on experience focusing on classic french cakes, modern cakes, plated desserts, ice creams, entremets, and learn french methods and presentation techniques.

  • Basic

    • Theory
    • Classic French Gateaux
    • Traditional Plated Desserts
    • Meringue Techniques

  • Intermediate

    • Theory
    • Classic French Entremets
    • Semi-gastro Plated Desserts
    • Modern Cakes

  • Advanced

    • Theory
    • Ice Creams and Sorbets
    • Advanced Plated Desserts
    • Advanced Modern Cakes

I. Basic Level

Imagine producing caramelized baked apples on puff pastry or caramelized custard tart? Famously known in French as tarte tatin and crème brulée, these are just two examples of famous classic french pastries that will be taught at basic level. This 4-week full time course is customised to meet the needs of a beginner covering both classic cakes and basic techniques on plating of desserts. You will learn…


Theory on classic french pastries and the origin of products, study on ingredients and the effects on recipe and end products

Classic French cakes such as choux pastries, millefeuille, tart tatin, paris brest etc.

Plated desserts focusing on the basic fundamentals of plating and famous traditional desserts

Basic French techniques covering meringue work such as classic pavlova and floating island, and beginner level modelling.

II. Intermediate Level

At intermediate level, you will revisit classic french cakes and learn how to give it a modern twist; to understanding textures, components and combination of flavours on a plate. You will also be introduced to modern cake creations from mousse to bavarois, and various techniques on finishing and decoration of products. This 4-week full time course is customised to meet the needs of french pastry enthusiasts to junior pastry chefs focusing on combination of flavors, textures and components. It covers…


Study on history and origins of products, ingredients, applied theory and recipe theory. You will also start learning the fundamentals of menu creation

Revisiting a variety of classic cakes in modern presentation

Development of plated desserts using various components, understanding combination of flavours and textures

Modern cakes focusing on traditional flavour combinations to understanding of layering and ratio.

III. Advanced Level

Pushing boundaries, playing Master Chef – flavours, textures and presentation are the key focus points at Advanced level. Your chemistry knowledge will come in handy here as we play with molecular gastronomy in creating your own haute cuisine to understanding the technicality of ice cream compositions. This 4-week full time course is customised for professional chefs and mature students where you will learn advanced techniques of gastronomy. Topics include…


Theory on the technicality and composition of ingredients. This will come in handy in the creation of ice creams, plated desserts and menu planning

Ice cream work, from working on ratios and calculations to making your own ice cream

Using of advanced techniques such as molecular gastronomy in the plating of desserts and developing theatrical plating from semi gastro to fine dining standards

Developing frameworks and silicon mould inserts for modern cakes to achieve various types of finishing.

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